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Hojicha & Darjeeling Sparkling Tea (Wine Alternative)



Crafted by The Sparkling Tea Company, DOTS is a premium collection of non-alcoholic, wine-alternative sparkling teas made from Tea Lovers very own loose-leaf blends. Try the meticulously crafted "Roasted Notes" in a 750ml bottle.

This refreshing, fruity, and smoky blend features Darjeeling and Japanese roasted tea (Hojicha). Complex notes of tea intertwine with rich fruity undertones, accompanied by the distinct impression of smoky Hojicha. Ideal for pairing with grilled white meats, fish, and dishes with umami flavours. Serve it chilled in an elegant wine glass or flute for those special occasions, making it an exquisite gift or enhancement for any memorable event.

Ingredients: Filtered water, green and black teas, roasted barley, grape juice, cane sugar, green tea vinegar.

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