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French Earl Grey (Black Tea)


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Highly aromatic bergamot black tea with notes of mango and tropical fruits. Rose and calendula flowers add a touch of floral and beauty. For a refreshing summer twist, try cold brewing this tea into a delicious iced beverage. It's no wonder our Tea Lovers French Earl Grey black tea is our best-seller!

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Brewing Guide

1 teaspoon per cup (200-250ml). Steep for 1-3 mins in 95°C water. (Guide only, please adjust to suit personal taste).

Cold Brew Iced Tea: 2 tbsp French Earl Grey black tea in 1L cold filtered water, brew in fridge for 4 hours. Add sweetener (if desired), strain, and serve over ice with fresh citrus.


French Earl Grey Black Tea: Black tea, bergamot, rose, calendula, blue cornflowers, natural flavour.