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Apple & Almond Teacake (Fruit Infusion)


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Scrumptious apple tea with notes of cinnamon, yogurt, nuts and vanilla.

This blend includes pears, apples, cinnamon sticks, and chamomile flowers, providing both delicious taste and relaxation benefits. High in Vitamin C.

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Brewing Guide

2 teaspoons per 300ml. Steep in 95°C water for 5 mins. (Guide only, please adjust to suit personal taste).

Iced Fruit Tea (1 Litre): Steep 3 tablespoons of fruit infusion in 1 litre of 95°C water for 10-15 minutes. Allow it to cool, then refrigerate. Serve chilled over ice with fresh-cut fruit & mint leaves (optional).


Apple pieces, grapes, pear pieces, St. Johns bread, almond, cinnamon, orange blossoms, chamomile flowers, thistle flowers, natural flavour.